Wall of Fame To Honor Comm/Media Studies Grads

If you’re an Edinboro grad working in journalism or public relations – or even if you earned your communications degree at Edinboro and are working in another field – the time has come for you to shine while giving back to your University.

To commemorate the great things happening in one of the University’s most successful Departments, Edinboro is establishing a “Communication & Media Studies Wall of Fame” donor recognition space in Compton Hall as a way of promoting your success while holding up our successful alumni as role models for current students.

For just a $250 contribution, a personal name plaque will honor you on our Wall of Fame. Makes no difference whether you’re working in print or electronic journalism, in public relations or any communications or even non-communications field. What’s important is that today’s generation of students has the opportunity to learn that they, too, can be successful because of their Edinboro Experience, by holding up your success as an example of what can be.

Participants in this unique project will also be asked to join us on campus on Saturday, April 21, for a special dinner and ceremony during which we’ll recognize the “Wall,” as well as the recent Compton Hall renovation project that provided a large state-of-the-art classroom, new location for the Dr. Bob Wallace Television Studio, and brings together all three of our campus media organizations in close proximity. As a result of all of the above, our Communication & Media Studies students will be better prepared for their futures when they leave Edinboro University.

Please take time now to make your donation and assure your place of honor on the new Wall of Fame.

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